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AI is making such a mess in its infancy. Real fear for livelihoods across all disciplines of life, but especially creative, combined with the total lack of truth spilled all over social media, mashed with the vitriol spat online from anyone sitting removed from actual human connection at their dark desk in a hidden corner of the planet, makes for a mess, to put it very lightly.

I’m still skirting the edges of my education in the effect AI is having on the creative industry. It’s hard to know. But we’re definitely in over our heads. The ethical discussion and infrastructure needed to contain healthy boundaries for AI to operate in, are waaaaaay behind the usage. People are getting, or about to get, trampled left right and centre. Lawsuits are springing up everywhere.

I kind of think AI has potentially massive benefits towards our creative process as artists. But part of me wonders to what end? Speeding up the process seems to be the main, and safest benefit. But ultimately, how is that benefitting us? Won’t it just make us as a people, more stressed? All the other time-saving technologies we’ve created have done nothing to give us more time.

I liked this video by Andrew Huang. It gives some sort of thought process behind AI for artists – at least his, and it’s thoughtful and non-judgmental. I’d love more pointers if anyone has any good articles, or insights they could share.

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